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i may have peed myself a little watching this


this episode changed me forever

I totally feel this, tbh, I’m pretty rigid when it comes to tags. If I don’t know how to tag something, I won’t reblog it. Maybe I’ll draft it. Maybe.

I know. It’s one of the reasons I love following you so much. *gets teary eyed*

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this is a very helpful quality tbh, I can’t see how anyone would have a problem with it

I just don’t want people to think I’m like stalking them or anything. LIKE THAT TIME THAT I SENT 15 Messages to 15 different people saying “Alex Saxon” because they all had the tags “WHO IS THIS” and people were tagging it The Fosters and it was from Finding Carter. Lordy if everyone tagged right, we’d all just be so much more well informed!

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edenofink said:

And excuse my shame -WHY WAS I NOT FOLLOWING YOU!?

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jsyk, if you reblog anything of mine and have a tag like “#who is this?” or “#what is this from?” or some variation, I WILL message you and tell you. 

Big captain and Lil Captain:

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