Happy Birthday so my super special little ghostie, taintedgray. Sam is one of the kindest, sweetest, most beautiful people ever to step foot on this planet. She makes me better just for knowing her. I love having her as a friend, and will always have her back (against gif reposters, or people she needs to send letters to), and always be there for her like she has been there for me. 

Sam, you are such an important person, NEVER FORGET THAT!

WOAH! You’ve moved to a new blog i get to follow? :3

Noooooo, it’s not a new blog! I promise! Literally the ONLY reason that blog exists is so I can have all my 1x1s under one account. Like, there is no point in following that blog I promise!

However! If you made Brian’s account you can go to page two of that blog and find Adeline’s post and it’ll have her blog (as well as Della’s and Ethan’s) for you to follow!


Yaaaas say hello to Ryker Andrews!

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Woooooo finally finished THIS!

Relocated all my 1x1 things here, and tomorrow I need to make blogs for Danie, Nate, and Ryker (ALY I PICKED A NAME FOR THE MAX CHARACTER!)

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i am not on this list and i want to cry about it

lol that’s because the 2x2 we are doing, I hadn’t given you the url yet. This is for people I have plots with that I currently am in the middle of replies with!

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Dear people I RP with. I need to put all of my accounts in one place because I am running out of chromes at this point. Would it be okay if I archived my current blogs and set the rest up as side blogs?

bethelrps, nuclearromanov, howlingambit, haughtywriter?

for the incredible jaifkncourtney